"If Your Board Will Not Fund Raise, Setup An "Advisory Council".

"Don't Get So Wrapped Up In Talking About Your Mission, You Forget To Get The Dog's Name".

"The Rule Of Thirds: 1/3 Of Your Board Will Work And Be Helpful, 1/3 Will Not And 1/3 Will Fall Somewhere In Between. Count On Only 1/3 Of Your Board To Do As They Say They Will".

"Persistence Overcomes Brilliance Every Time. Do Not Give Up After The First NO ".

"LEARN PLANNED GIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

"Never Forget The 5 R's: Right Prospect, Right Time, Right Amount, Right Person Asking, Right Results".

"The Word "Fundraising" Really Does Not Exist. The Term Is Spelled: Fund Raising".

"Your Next Major Donor Prospect Is Your Last Major Donor".

"The Rule That Your Board Needs 100% Participation In The Annual Fund or Capital Campaign Is As True Today As It Was 50 Years Ago".

"Your Board is it!! No Support For Fund Raising, No Fund Raising".




"Never Forget The Four I's: Identification, Interest, Involvement, Investment:  Identify Prospects, Find Out What They Are Interested In, Get Them Involved, Ask Them To Make An Investment".

"If You Hold A Dinner For 300 Prospects, Worry About The Three Richest".

"Those Who Raise The Money, Hold The Power and Rise To Leadership Roles".

"Successful Capital

Campaigns Inevitably Begin With A Feasibility Study".